how to charge schumacher 1500a lithium jump starter

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The USB port provides up to 2.4A at 5V DC. Its lightweight, compact and has a ton of other features besides being able to jump start your car. Product images are for illustrative purposes only; actual product appearance may vary. Do not use the jump starter to jump a vehicle while charging the internal battery. Disclaimer: Products, specifications and data are subject to change without notice, to improve reliability, function, design, or otherwise. This video is much longer than I intended, but I wanted to show as muc. Follow these steps to use any function after Energy Saving mode: Clamps are not making a good connection to the battery.Connections are reversed.The jump starters battery is not charged.The vehicles battery is defective. It has a sleek design and can easily be stored in your cars glove compartment. The Everstart MAXX Jump Starter/Power Station with Air Compressor is the perfect companion for all roadside emergencies and personal power needs. The SL1474 is also equipped with a 150 psi air compressor to inflate anything from tires to basketballs, making this jump starter truly versatile for emergency use and use around the home. USING THE AIR COMPRESSORWARNING. With the Schumacher SL1611 Rugged Jump Starter and USB Power Source, users can jump start a vehicle, charge their devices, and light up their work area. Schumacher has a reputation of making some of the best jump starters on the market. For a negative-ground vehicle (as in most vehicles), connect the jump starters POSITIVE (RED) clamp to the POSITIVE (POS, P, +) battery post. JUMP-STARTING A VEHICLEIMPORTANT: Using the jump starter without a battery installed in the vehicle will damage the vehicles electrical system. Position the jump starter on a flat, stable surface near the intended work area. The Schumacher Electric Lithium Automotive 12-Volt 2000 Amp Portable Jump Starter is so much smaller, easier to use and much more convenient than old fashioned jumper cables. In this Everstart jump starter and all other motorcycle jump starters reviews blog we'll give you all the facts needed before making a decision to purchase. For your security, confirm your account by entering: Pre-Boost technology for ultimate cold temperature starting, Worry-Free Smart Clampprovides protection with 6 safety features, Built-In Light3 mode ultra-bright LED light, Schu Eco Energymeets the highest industry standards for energy efficiency. Next, connect the POSITIVE (RED) clamp to the vehicle chassis or engine block away from the battery. Featuring a robust new design, the SL1596 delivers the ultimate in versatility. The green Ready LED will light. This unit can jump start your car many times on a single charge. Get the latest updates right to your inbox. The power pack can be used to charge your phone or tablet! A battery can produce a short circuit current high enough to weld a ring to metal, causing a severe burn. Use of these names, trademarks and brands does not imply endorsement. Flip the ON/OFF power switch to the ON position. Summary of Contents for Schumacher Electric SE-1. Turn ON the compressor power switch and inflate to the desired pressure or fullness. The Schumacher Electric SL1519 1500A 12V Lithium Jump Starter energy-efficient, yet lightweight and portable, the rechargeable SL1519 is great for jump starting and emergency power. This all-in-one device ensures users are prepared for their next roadside emergency. In this video we look inside this Schumacher Jump pack and see why it is not charging. Pre-Boost technology safely adds a pre-charge to deeply discharged . The jump starter can support a max of 1500 amps for up to 30 times on a single charge. The built-in 150-PSI air compressor easily adds air to low bike or car tires and includes an array of nozzles. Features of Schumacher 1500a lithium jump starter The Schumacher 1500a lithium jump starter comes with many amazing features and specifications which make it a must-have for all car owners. Get the latest updates right to your inbox. User Manual Jump Starter& Portable Power Source Model: THOR 1000 Getting Started Charging the jump starter To charge, Lithium-Ion Jump Starter and USB Power Source FOR MODELS SL1435 OWNERS MANUAL PLEASE SAVE THIS OWNERS MANUAL AND, Schumacher DSR141 Jump Starter and DC Power Source Owner's Manual Jump Starter and DC Power Source OWNERS MANUAL, hulkman Alpha 85S Jump Starter User Guide Model: Alpha 85 STEPS TO JUMP START YOUR VEHICLE ABOUT THE, Your email address will not be published. These jump starters deliver superior starting power and the ultimate in versatility. Users can jump start a vehicle, charge their devices, and illuminate their work area with this reliable and long lasting lithium-powered device. (32 pages) Remote Starter Schumacher Electric SL1317 Owner's Manual. Store clips on their support posts, to ensure they do not come into contact with any metallic surface. It is very small and light which makes it very easy to carry. The second largest complaint I found is that this unit can be difficult to use on diesel vehicles. If necessary, use one of the additional adapters. The lithium battery will hold its charge for a year or more so you dont have to worry about keeping it plugged in when not in use. Look no further than Schumacher Electrics line of Rugged Jump Starters. Overall, I think this Schumacher 1500a lithium jump starter is the best choice for jump starting my vehicle. Do not use dry cell batteries that are commonly used with home appliances. Recharge the unit as soon as possible after each use. Press the Battery Status/Light button once. Charge battery to full capacity before storage. Use of these names, trademarks and brands does not imply endorsement. Do not recharge the jump starter with a damaged USB cable. OLD RELIC . 3. GOOLOO GT3000 Jump Starter 3000A 100W 2-Way Fast Charging, SuperSafe 12V Lithium Portable Car . RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK OR FIRE. For a positive-ground vehicle, connect the jump starters NEGATIVE (BLACK) clamp to the NEGATIVE (NEG, N, -) battery post. Never completely discharge the internal battery. REPEAT THE TEST WITH BATTERY LUGS PULLED. It is a portable battery that can be used to start an automobile without using another vehicle to power it up. It provides up to 1200 peak amps of jump-starting strength, strong enough to jump start 8.0L Gas | 6.0L Diesel vehicles. The SOS mode can be used in case of emergency while the flash light can be used during night time or any other time you need to use it. With 1500 peak amps, the SL1489 jump starter is perfect for 8.0L gas and 6.0L diesel engines. One of the biggest complaints about this jump starter is that it does not come with a case. 5. 800 Peak Amp Jump Starter. Read the instructions of the product being inflated before using the compressor. Use of these names, trademarks and brands does not imply endorsement. Contents include: The Schumacher SL1519 Portable Power Station and 1500A Lithium Jump Starter, air compressor adapters and storage bag, micro-USB-to-USB charging cable, and user manual. Do not expose the jump starter to rain or snow. . With its robust new design, the SL1611 can withstand tough use, providing consumers a jump starter they can trust. The built-in 150-PSI air compressor easily adds air to low bike or car tires and includes an array of nozzles. The SL1435 has the superior power of lithium ion in a classic lightweight design that is perfect to take along camping or for emergency power on the road. Lithium ion jump starter, fuel pack and backup power (11 pages) Remote Starter Schumacher Electric SL1452 Owner's . It is a great idea if youre looking for something thats easy to use and extremely portable. 4-cell, high-performance lithium technology. This unit includes an ultra-bright light with an ON/OFF switch, as well as a built-in 150 PSI air compressor, for inflating vehicle and bike tires and sports balls. . Copyright 2023 Schumacher Electric Corporation. The SL1474 is also equipped with a 150 . schumacher jump starter. All company, product and service names used in this website are for identification purposes only. The jump starter is NOT designed to be installed as a replacement for a vehicle battery. The compressor has built-in thermal protection that will turn the compressor off before it overheats. Prerequisite For Choosing A Schumacher Jump Starter. Schumacher SC1309 Battery Charger with Engine Starter. IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS. The Schumacher 1500a lithium jump starter is slightly bigger than a large smartphone and weighs less than half a pound. And lastly it comes with included wall charger and charging cable for the unit if you have to recharge the lithium batteries inside of it at home or on the go. Next, plug the USB end of the charging cable into your charger's USB port. The 2.4A USB port is perfect for charging your mobile devices. Use the air compressor gauge to ensure the proper pressure has been reached. Be the first to hear about our sales, events, and promotions! Make sure connection points are clean.Disconnect the jump starter and reverse the clamps.Press the Battery Status button on the front of the unit. Battery Charger Schumacher SpeedCharge SC-1200A Owner's Manual. After 10 minutes, The USB port and Battery Status/Light function will turn off. Get free expert DIY tips, handy support, troubleshooting help & repair advice for all Schumacher products.

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