Book Fair

MSES SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIR – September 16 – 20, 2019
The Scholastic Book Fair returns to MSES and will be open September 16 – 20 during school hours. All classes will have the opportunity to visit (see schedule on reverse).  The fair will also be open following the Open House nights on Sept 16 (grade 6), Sept 17 (grades 4/5), and Sept 19 (grades 2/3).
Check out “eWallet” for an easier way to pay!  This allows parents to set up a cash-free way for students to pay at the Book Fair.  Parents create an account through Scholastic, with a spending limit, using a credit card hold.  There is a $10 minimum hold. A bar code can be printed out for students to bring to school for shopping, however we will also be able to look up the students’ accounts on the register.  Only what is spent will be charged to the credit card by Scholastic. Any remainder on the hold will be released at the end of the Book Fair. If interested, please visit the Book Fair Homepage to see further details and set up an account for your student(s).
PLEASE NOTE:  THERE IS SALES TAX OF 6.25% ON ALL PURCHASES.  If your child would like to make purchases at the fair please use ”eWallet”, send cash, or a check (for a set amount).  CHECKS MUST BE MADE OUT TO “SG-PTO”.  Change can be given on checks if the full amount is not spent.  Credit cards are also accepted.
Want to get other family members involved?  Looking for early holiday gifts? Online orders are also available on the Book Fair Homepage (link above) and can be shipped to your home.
As always, volunteers are needed to make the week a success!  If you are able to volunteer, please use the link below to sign up.

Link to set up eWallet: